God's Grand Story
by James Wakefield, PhD

Telling God's Grand Story

You are invited. Please join me in a conversation. We didn’t start it. It has been going on for many thousands of years. It circles around some big ideas, posed here as questions: Is there any good news? What is it? How do we gospel people faithfully? Let’s focus this: How do we tell God’s Grand Story to our families, friends, neighbors, and even to those who care nothing for us at all or for God?
One goal of this website is to further this conversation. Let’s be respectful. But let’s also keep it real. A second goal is to ask for help. I’m moving forward in keeping my promise to write a book about telling God’s Grand Story. How can you help? I don’t want to do something this awesome alone. I need company, friends and critics who can speak the truth in love. Help me make this useful. Keep me from too many errors and idiosyncrasies. Join me in sharing good news with our world.

About Chapter Two

Sometimes God changes my plans. I can be so stubborn... Chapter Two is very different from what I announced in the first draft of the Introduction (Chapter One). Here’s the backstory.

This is the conversation I wish I had with a twenty-something man several weeks ago. We met in a diner. We talked about lots of stuff. As we talked, I realized how small his world was: almost no friends, no hunger for community, little education, less ambition, and he is just getting along working in a factory. I wanted to tell him some good news. But I froze when it came to talking about God’s Grand Story. Why?

This has haunted me for weeks. I think I finally understand why I froze. How do you share good news with someone who really doesn’t want community and who doesn’t know anything about Christianity or the Bible? I’m not judging him. He was very gracious to me. But he doesn’t even know that he doesn’t know... I mean for him, what is there to know anyway? The last time he was in a church was before age 10. The little religion he has experienced has brought him only judgment and even violence. My heart is grieving for him.

Chapter Two, posted on the right side, is a very rough attempt to share good news with a young man who at least wants to have a conversation. Help me make it better?


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