God's Grand Story
by James Wakefield, PhD

Telling God's Grand Story

You are invited. Please join me in a conversation. We didn’t start it. It has been going on for many thousands of years. It circles around some big ideas, posed here as questions: Is there any good news? What is it? How do we gospel people faithfully? Let’s focus this: How do we tell God’s Grand Story to our families, friends, neighbors, and even to those who care nothing for us at all or for God?
One goal of this website is to further this conversation. Let’s be respectful. But let’s also keep it real. A second goal is to ask for help. I’m moving forward in keeping my promise to write a book about telling God’s Grand Story. How can you help? I don’t want to do something this awesome alone. I need company, friends and critics who can speak the truth in love. Help me make this useful. Keep me from too many errors and idiosyncrasies. Join me in sharing good news with our world.

Here is your final assignment

Here is your final assignment: Write a five-page letter to the Apostle John that summarizes your understanding of God’s Grand Story. Shape it for the community you want to serve. Be faithful to Scripture, and ask for his advice about the things you aren’t sure of. 

 I gave that assignment at Salt Lake Theological Seminary to first year students for many years. I gave it in the Fall in my introductory lecture and promised to tutor them all year so that they could actually enjoy writing it. And they did. 

 A few of them would have amused looks on their face and tease “That’s impossible.” I would tease them back: “Didn’t you ever walk into a history final to face one sentence written on the blackboard? ‘Write the history of the world.’ The assignment I am giving is bigger than this! I want your telling to include what happens before creation as we know it. And you need to address what happens after the consummation of all things.” 

 I expect a few former students to chime in, comment on this blog, and testify that this is what really happened. Of course if you are reading this without having paid tuition, you are also most welcome to join us. Let’s have a conversation about God’s Grand Story.
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